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Woody who?

Woody who?

We know the only reason you came to our blog was for Woody. So that’s why I think it’s only fitting to tell you a little bit more about him. So from the master himself – welcome to Woody’s world…

My favourite hobby is digging! I always hear my hoomans say that ‘I was born to dig and I’d win gold at the Olympics!’. That was my first mission when I came to my forever home: to dig the garden. I’m not one to toot my own horn but I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I spend approximately 2 hours a day digging, at first I was digging for the fun of it but then I realised our neighbours got a puppy too and it’s a GIRL. She’s not my girlfriend or anything (despite what my hoomans say), shes just a friend but I think it’s rude if I don’t stick my nose through the huge hole I have created between the fences to say hey every. single. time. we are in the garden.

I’m the happiest when my nose is down catching some new scents in a forest and chasing the animals (especially the ducks that live along the canal). No matter how long or short my  walk I ALWAYS return with a nice brown coat, my hoomans make me wash it off but the jokes on them, it’ll be back the next day.

I like to think that I’m a loveable guy – I love hoomans and all doggos, even the ones who don’t love me. I love car journeys. I love running around in a muddy field. I love exploring new places. I love ham. I love doing tricks (even if it’s just for the treats). I love digging (did I mention that already?) So yeah, I mean –  what’s not to love about me?

But anyway, that’s just a quick insight into me and my crazy life with my hoomans.

Be sure to keep coming back because everyday’s an adventure with You, Me and Woody…


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