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Stix dog coats save the day!

I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for a dog coat which has a zip up the back. My search seemed to go on forever and a day and I was almost at the point of trying to make one myself because nothing I came across was quite right. Until I found Stix

Stix dog coats pride themselves on creating a product that is functional, user-friendly, stylish and of high quality. I for one can confirm they are all of these things. 

This winter, we have noticed a real difference with Woody’s joints and he’s had the odd day here and there where he has struggled. We found that even on days when the weather wasn’t too cold but when he would get a little wet due to the horrible damp weather, it didn’t matter how much I tried to dry him around his elbows,h would never be 100% dry. This then led to stiffness once he got up and meant we ended up resting him on really damp or cold days.

Because we live in the UK, the cold and damp is here more often than not so that’s why I turned to good ol’ Google to try and find dog coats which covered dogs elbows but didn’t restrict elbow movement. This was a big thing for me because dogs with elbow dysplasia can lose a lot of range of movement. I, therefore, didn’t want something that would restrict him even more.

I’ll be honest and say that I ordered a few different styles online to try. Each one I ended up returning because they all go over the dogs head and then the front legs need to be manipulated in order to get them into the leg holes. Although we were able to do this with Woody, I was so mindful of it and really hated the whole getting it on and off. It just wasn’t worth it.

All of my searches didn’t show me what I was looking for. The dog coats with a zip didn’t cover the elbows and the coats that did cover the elbows, didn’t have a zip.

That’s when I started looking online for a dog coat pattern which I was going to adapt to add a zip in and attempt to make one myself. But then I came across Stix on Instagram (thank you,  Instagram).

It was everything I was looking for – waterproof, covered the elbows AND HAD A ZIP!!!

At the time of finding Stix, they didn’t have a big size that we needed for Woody so I decided to contact them to see if they would cater for us and they did. They were so lovely and helpful.

I ordered a navy blue fleece with yellow zip. The delivery was super fast, the packaging was all recyclable so we are helping minimise our carbon pawprint and the coat itself is gorgeous. 

Woody’s actually worn it for every walk since we got it 3 weeks ago (don’t worry, I have washed it!).

At first, I was worried that it may restrict movement but I can say that hand on heart, we haven’t noticed a difference. Woody still runs about in his!

So here is the nitty-gritty of the coats…

They are made with Polartec fleece which is made from 90% recycled plastic bottles (love that). They are waterproof, highly breathable and lightweight. They currently come in three different colours – navy blue, earth green and light grey and you’re able to customise which zip colour you would like out of yellow, orange and pink.

I LOVE ours so much that I have just placed an order for a light grey and orange zip. For me, it’s a super stylish coat which is brilliant quality but it really helps Woody’s joints in this horrible cold, damp weather and for me, that’s just priceless.

Thanks, Stix for saving the day!!!


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