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Social distancing with a dog!

Being asked by the Government to ‘social distance’ is a first in many of our lifetimes. For most of us, cabin fever can quickly set in because our day-to-day lives revolve around routine. Whether that’s getting up, walking the dog, going to work, going to the gym or popping in to see family and friends for a cup of tea. All of our normalities need to be stopped – well some of them! 

I’ve decided to have a different outlook on social distancing. Instead of thinking about all the things we CAN’T do, I’m looking at what we CAN do. Remember all those things we said we would have done if we had the time? Well would you believe it, we have so much time now. 

So now I’m working from home and don’t have the travel to and from the office, I have so much more time to spend with Woody (aka my new work colleague). It’s an opportunity to strengthen the bond we have between our pets. This is how I’m planning on spending social distancing with Woody…

Being outside is good for the soul. Not only is it great for your physical health, but it’s also wonderful for your mental health too.

The National Trust have kindly suspended any parking charges to their sites and all of their outdoor spaces are open and free to access as long as everyone adheres to the government recommendations of 6–10 feet of distance between you and other people. I think we will be definitely taking advantage of this really kind gesture.

Woody loves being outdoors – the wet and muddier the walk for him the better so I’m sure we will have plenty of these over the coming weeks.

Mental stimulation
I mix this up daily from a natural chew, a Kong toy, a licki mat or puzzle game to get his brain thinking.

Woody has a really high scent drive so we also play games around the house like ‘hide and seek’ where we hide his favourite toys or treats and he has to go and find them. It’s a brilliant, fun and rewarding game that we all love. You should give it a try, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how well your dog does!

Woody’s go-to trick is ‘put ‘em up’, he nails it every time but I’m looking at working on teaching him new tricks too. This is a great way to keep him entertained and occupied because he loves to please. Have you had a trick in mind that you wanted to teach your dog? Now is the time to do it. I’m currently teaching Woody to cross his paws – watch this space!

When it all gets too much, sometimes you need to just take a nap! It’s even better when you can take one with your dog. If you’re feeling anxious, having your dog by your side can be calming. Embrace the weekend siestas!!

If all else fails, we still have music! Spotify has recently launched their Pet Playlist and of course Woody has his own. Whether you just need some calming tunes or ones to dance around the kitchen. Just dance it out! 

Stay safe puppers, it’s a crazy world out there at the moment. But I think we are the lucky ones who have a dog to cuddle when everything seems wrong in the world. Feel stressed? Cuddle your dog. Anxious? Cuddle your dog. Happy? Cuddle your dog. 

The world needs more hugs right now and lucky for me, Woody gives the best hugs!


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