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Living the dream thanks to Goboony

We couldn’t believe our luck when Goboony approached us to work with them. The job in hand? Experience the true van life with a dog. Were we up for it? HECK YES!

So, what’s Goboony?

Goboony is a platform bringing motorhome owners and hirers together. Think Airbnb but for campers/motorhomes! It enables us as hirers, who are seeking out their perfect motorhome/van, to browse hundreds of vans and owners to showcase their beloved vans with the world.
It has many perks for when hiring a campervan through Goboony: 

  • You’re able to browse countless vans up and down the country to find the perfect van for your adventures. You can filter your search via dates of your trip, location, sleeping places, discounts, vehicle type, camper amenities, fuel type, going abroad plus so much more. 
  • Once you’ve found your dream van, you simply request to book and wait to get approved by the owners of the van.
  • You feel safe and secure with the payment via Goboony. 
  • Goboony is always on hand should you have any issues before, during or after your trip.

So I know you’re all probably dying to know where the name ‘Goboony’ originates from, just like me!

It derives from an expression from New Zealand ‘in the boonies’ which means ‘go on a journey, go your own way and don’t let anyone guide you.’ It’s true that this is exactly how you feel when travelling in a camper. The idea for Goboony came to when the two founders met on a journey through New Zealand with a motorhome. And as they say, the rest is history…

The van

Those that know us well, know how much we REALLY want a VW camper. So when we had the choice to pick our perfect home on wheels, we decided to go for this beauty AKA The Gibster

It’s a brand new VW T6 campervan and we can confirm it is an absolute dream. The campervan transforms to comfortably sleep 4 people with a double bed in the elevating roof and a double bed in the rear of the van. As well as having enough room for all of this inside, the van fits within a normal parking space.

The kitchen area is compact but has everything you could possibly want: a double hob and sink (which when you’re on electric hook up has running hot water). Underneath this, there is a handy food storage door to the fridge/freezer and grill. All necessities such as cutlery, plates, bowls, kettle, cups and washing up liquid were provided so there was no need to pack any of this.

There was so much storage within the van too which meant a lot of our things could get packed directly into there instead of having several bags in and around the van something which we got a lot savvier with as the weekend went on. 

Although we didn’t use them, the van comes with an integrated awning, camping chairs and tables and a portaloo (just in case you wild camp).

We loved everything about the van, but the two features which we were SO grateful of was the heating and the shower at the back of the van. When we said we were going camping in a van in November, we did get a few odd looks. But with the heater and shower built-in, it really felt like we were turning the heating on at home and we could wash our muddy boots and Woody’s muddy paws before getting in the van meaning that the van was kept relatively clean.


The experience and our adventure

When we collected the van, we had a thorough walkthrough of how to use all of its features. However, we decided to stay in a campsite close to home on the first night, this was down to not picking the van up until later in the afternoon and it already dropping dark.

What’s lovely about camping this time of year is that the campsites are so quiet, there are no queues for the toilets or showers. In some ways, I much prefer it. 

We carried on our adventure the next day in Wales. The UK has been hit by pretty bad weather/flooding recently so the time it took us to get to Wales was a little longer than we expected. There were plenty of road closures/diversions but this wasn’t a problem because of how comfy our camper was. It also meant we got more time actually driving around in the van ‘pretending’ it was ours and feeling as cool as!

It was so beautiful to stop in a campsite surrounded by mountains. A real happy place!

I was little apprehensive of how well or even if Woody would settle in a camper. Although we’ve been camping with him before, our tent is quite big so being in a more compact space with a big-ish dog did make me wonder. All of my worries soon disappeared when he snuggled next to me ‘downstairs’ while Alex slept ‘upstairs’.

We spent our days driving, exploring, eating pub lunches and our evenings cuddled up in the van playing Mario Kart on the Switch (which we projected onto the top of the pop-top roof). Pure B L I S S!

We would 100% recommend Goboony and the campervan we chose because it had everything we needed. The owners of the van were lovely. We had great communication before, during and after our trip. Nothing was too much trouble! 

Thanks Goboony for this awesome opportunity. We didn't stop smiling all weekend, so much so that my cheeks hurt when we got home!


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