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Hello again!

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. There’s been a global pandemic, I’ve been pregnant and now we have a little 7-month-old baby who joined our pack in August 2021. His name is Theodore but we call him Teddy (Alex wouldn’t let me call him Buzz). You’ll see a lot more of him on our Instagram and blog from now on.

It’s been a crazy old ride – adapting to becoming a parent. I think I’ll be learning new things every day for the rest of my life.

It’s also new for Woody. He’s had to learn a lot of things too. Suddenly he went from being our only baby to living in a house with a real baby! I’ll never forget when we got home from the hospital. Woody had been away from us for 4/5 nights and he was SO excited to see us. Then there was this new thing in the corner of the room, it made whimpering noises and smelt funny. It sent Woody loopy. He was even more excited. I was so sore, exhausted and Alex and I just looked at each other and I remember thinking “what have we done?!”.

The next few days were pretty much the same, we were getting non-stop visitors. Woody being Woody thought everyone was here to see him. We could put it down to the pandemic and not having anyone around in over a year but who are we kidding?! This is Woody, he would have been that excited anyway. But slowly things got easier. Suddenly Woody would start peering over the moses basket to see if his little bro was there every time he’d pass it. When Teddy would be screaming and I was on my own downstairs with him, Woody would run up to Alex working in his office and just stand there like “Can you not hear him crying down there? Help bro!”. We started going for walks together and Woody would walk alongside the pram (actually, scrap that he still likes the cut in front of it all the time and repeatedly gets run over in the process).

I don’t think there are any tips you can do to get your dog used to a baby coming into their life. I think every dog will be different. Sure you can play all of the baby cries you want to your dog before your baby arrives, but nothing conditions them to the real deal.

A few things that you should prepare for if you’re expecting…

The routines you’ve set with your dog will go out the window. The time you feed them, walk them and play. You will often feed them later than usual or take them out much earlier when the baby doesn’t sleep. It’s OK, dogs are resilient little things and they adapt. Don’t beat yourself up about it. 

 Make time for your dog so he doesn’t get left out. I like to curl up on the sofa with Woody for cuddles when Teddy’s gone to bed. It’s uninterrupted snuggles and they are pretty special. 

Try and go out to a restaurant/pub together as early as you can. I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to go out with a baby and dog by myself but when it’s Alex and I, we still like to include Woody in everything like we used to do before. The earlier you do it, the easier and more second nature it will become.

Although it’s not always easy, I’d advise you to go away as a family as early as you can. We’ve already been away a couple of times and we hope to have a few more adventures this year! If you think you packed a lot for just your dog, wait until you have a baby. I’d recommend writing a list of all the things you’ll need and ticking them off when you’ve packed them.

Woodland walks and hikes don’t need to stop when you have a baby. Just invest in a baby carrier. We went for a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Move and have used it so much and recommend it.

The night feeds can feel long and never-ending. Especially when you speak to others who have babies who sleep through the night. You can feel lonely like you’re the only person awake. I guarantee that if you look over to your dog, he will be awake with you too. Woody always is. That’s why we keep a jar of treats in our room now and after every night feed he gets a treat. It’s our little way of saying thanks for not making us feel like the only people awake at a time when we should definitely still be sleeping.

Welcoming Teddy into the world was a big thing for us all. Woody went from being our world to sharing it with his little bro. But I think if he could talk, he’d tell you he prefers sharing it. 

Bring on the adventures of You, Me, Woody AND Teddy. Heck, do we need a name change now?!


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