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DogFest 2019

This year, we headed back to the ultimate summer festival for dogs, also known as DogFest!

Unlike last year, we had arranged to visit with Woody’s best bud Willow because we all know that adventures are always better when they are shared with friends.

Just in case you don’t know what DogFest is (erm, where have you been?), it’s a fun day out to celebrate all things dogs. Hosted by my hero, Noel Fitzpatrick and this year he was joined by Claire Balding too.

Ever since we visited last year, I knew it was a day out that we couldn’t miss out on this year. There’s so much to do but this is what we got up to…

I’m not sure if it was or not, but this year Dogfest seemed so much bigger with a lot more stalls. We made sure that we walked around all of them so we could see what was on offer. Before I went, I set myself a budget which I spent within the first 10 minutes of getting there (ooops). But I did kinda know that I was going to treat Woody to the new Ruff and Tumble drying coat and it was just there and looked so cute… Who am I kidding, we all know I bought it for him!

We took advantage of show offers at Fish4Dogs and stocked up on Woody’s favourite fish treats, his nighttime ritual snack of Lily’s Kitchen bedtime biscuits and also got our hands on some Edgard Cooper snacks to try.

We also entered a fun dog show with the Ddawgs but unfortunately, we didn’t win (although they are winners in my eyes!)

A lot of our time was spent around the fab PitPat stand where there was so much to do and see. We’ve had Woody’s PitPat since January this year and I absolutely love it. They’ve recently launched PitPat Life which means you get points for the exercise you and your dog do and in turn, these points can be turned into prizes. It’s a great incentive if you do need an extra push to hit your daily goal.

If you already had a PitPat (or bought one on the day), you were allowed into the all exclusive ‘bubbles bar’. This went to Woody’s head as he felt a little bit like a V.I.D (Very Important Dog). The bubbles bar provided free chilled Prosecco for us hoomans and Pawsecco and gravy bones for our furry best friends.

Find someone who looks at you the way Woody looks at Prosecco.

PitPat also had a hay bale race (which is such a mouthful don’t you think – try saying that after a few glasses of Pawsecco). Both Alex and I didn’t think Woody would even know what to do but we thought we would try him to see anyway. You could say that we ate our words, he stormed down the bales of hay, weaving side to side, paws tucked and then legs extended so beautifully. It was all very exciting to watch. PROUD DOG MOM MOMENT!

We ended our day with all our furriends watching Darcey partake in the dog diving. Although she didn’t jump from the big platform, she was gracefully jumping in and out from the ramp into the pool. We, of course, were all on the sidelines cheering her on!!

We had a super fun day out at DogFest this year and even the weather didn’t dampen our day or the fun that we had. After we got back home, we were all pretty exhausted from the walking, spending, travelling and playing with dogs so we unpacked all of our bags to see our DogFest haul.

And then it was time to sync Woody’s PitPat and have a good old sleep for us all!

Thanks for another great day out DogFest, we are on countdown for next year already!


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