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Dear Woody

Majestic Woody

I couldn’t imagine my life without you now, you make everything better. Thank you for being you.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met the friends that I have (both here in the UK and further afield). If it weren’t for you, I would still lie in till at least 10am on the weekend and would struggle to wake up when my alarm goes off for work – now I jump out of bed to see you. If it weren’t for you, what would me and Alex talk about if not your poop? If it weren’t for you, our house would still feel just that but now it’s a home.

I wish you could understand me when I say thank you for making me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thank you for making me feel proud to call you mine. Thank you for being my best friend and goofball. Thank you for making the hardest and stress-filled days seem like everything will be ok. Thank you for putting up with the stupid voice that I’ve given you and looking like you know what I’m saying (even though I am just having a conversation with myself). Thank you for being THE best model and allowing me to take a million photos of your beautiful face. Thank you for doing your mischievous little dance before you’re up to no good so we can brace ourselves for ‘puppy-mode’.

I still don’t understand why run around in circles trying to catch your tail in your pool at midnight. I still don’t get why you have to parade our shoes around the house and garden, but that little strut that you do is too cute. I don’t know which one of us is your favourite, but I really hope it’s me.

I wish I could tell you that even though you jump up on the window sill constantly, I love your nosey and inquisitive little being. I wish I could tell you that digging the garden won’t get you to Australia it’s just ruining our garden, but then again I’ve never really been into gardening all that much. I wish I could tell you that if I smell of other doggos when I come back home, you’ll always be my number one boy!  And finally, I wish I could tell you that no, the hoover won’t suck you up!!

But really what I wish I could just say to you is THANK YOU WOODY for being you and being my bestest friend without even saying one word to me.


Your bestest friend (and hopefully favourite hooman)

P.s to the moon and back!


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