Our bucket list!

Like most people, we have a bucket list. Of course they all involve adventures with Woody so we have decided to pull together our (ever-growing) list to share with you all.

365 days of being a dog mom

It’s been just over 365 days since I became a dog mom. People say that the first year is the hardest, that you’re never really prepared for it no matter how many books you read…

Dear Woody

I couldn’t imagine my life without you now, you make everything better. Thank you for being you.

Elbow dysplasia 0 – Woody 2

I wanted to write a post to document Woody’s progress since we heard the heartbreaking news 14 weeks ago.

Woody who?

We know the only reason you came to our blog was for Woody. So that’s why I think it’s only fitting to tell you a little bit more about him.

Elbow dysplasia 0 – Woody 1

Before we got Woody, we researched into Golden Retrievers and knew that dysplasia was quite common within the breed (well within any large breed of dogs actually) but never did we think we would receive the devastating news when Woods was just 8 months old.