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Bottom Sniffer Review – A beer for dogs!

Is there anything better than tucking into a nice cold beer after a good ol’ hike? I think not. Especially when you get a beer gifted as part of the winners hamper for winning Midlands Canine Critic, it makes it taste that much sweeter. 

We took our Woof & Brew ‘Bottom Sniffer’ out this weekend for Woody to enjoy in the mountains. We found a quiet little spot just off the beaten track, cracked it open and watched Woody lap it up!

Bottom Sniffer is alcohol-free and non-carbonated beer for dogs. You can serve it how you wish – as a drink or over food. 

The copy on the bottle is really funny to read and also claims that once your dog drinks this beer, ‘other dogs will be bottom sniffing with jealousy and give your dog real ‘tail swagger’ making them the leader of the pack’. I can confirm that it does indeed give your dog MORE tail swagger (like Woody needs any more of that).

Bottom Sniffer is a fun way to celebrate certain milestones with your dog without leaving them out. Although we wouldn’t give Woody a ‘beer’ every day (responsible parents and all that), they are great to have on occasions which allows you to share a well-earned beer with your best pal. 

Cheers Woof and Brew!


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