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365 days of being a dog mom

Woody at 5 weeks

It’s been just over 365 days since I became a dog mom.

People say that the first year is the hardest, that you’re never really prepared for it no matter how many books you read. I have loved my first year of being a dog mom, don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been plain sailing but I’ve loved getting to know Woody, what he likes, what he doesn’t, when he’s going to be mischievous or when he walks funny when he needs a poo.

I read a funny quote that said ‘pets are weird, it’s just this little individual that lives in your house and can’t speak to each other but you’re best friends!’ – this is SO true for me and Woody.

I’ve pulled together the top 10 things I’ve learnt since becoming a dog mom for the first time.

  1. Your dog is all you ever think or talk about. Your friends and family will be sick of hearing and seeing photos of your dog but yet you don’t care because you think your dog is the cutest pup to grace the planet.
  2. Your conversations with your partner revolve around the dog. Gone are the days when you get in from work and ask how your day has been. It’s more like ‘how’s the boy?/Is Woody ok?’
  3. You see so much more of the world. We’ve always loved going on adventures and exploring but since we’ve had Woody we’ve jumped at every chance to explore the UK. He’s already so well travelled at just one years old.
  4. You laugh and smile more. No matter how  rubbish your day has been, you can always guarantee that your dog will lift you up again.
  5. You turn to mush. You leave them for a couple of hours, and your heart hurts. Then you return home and they are so excited to see you that your heart hurts some more. You’ll feel so much more emotional about things that you probably weren’t that bothered about before. It’s because the dog owns you. Yeah, you may think you own the house but deep down you know it and your dog knows it too.
  6. You give your dog a voice. Yep, you will. Woody’s voice is similar to that of Chance from Homeward Bound (although not exactly the same!)
  7. You never miss an opportunity to celebrate your dog. We celebrated every. single. month of Woody’s first year. Do I care that it’s over the top? Nope, I don’t!
  8. You will gladly spend £££ on your dog’s wardrobe and go without yourself. There have been times where I’ve REALLY wanted a nice outfit online then I’ve seen the shipping costs and I’ve gone without. But $40 for shipping for Woody’s bandanas? Yeah sure no problem. Take all of my money!
  9. Everywhere that you go you check to see if it is dog-friendly so you can take your doggo with you.
  10. You will have more of a social life. This past year, we have met all kinds of people who we would never have had the pleasure of knowing or ever meeting without Woody. Some friends are further afield and some are just down the road. Some we may never meet, some we plan to meet up with soon and some we’ve already been on holiday with! Thank you Woody for giving us new friends who I feel like we’ve known forever!


My dog is and always will be my first baby.


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