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35 things lockdown has reminded/taught me

‘Lockdown’ and ‘unprecedented times’ are three words I won’t miss when all of this is over.  Over the last few weeks, I learnt to look at life so differently. There’s been so many things I’ve hated about lockdown, but weirdly I’ve enjoyed a small part of it and have quite quickly fallen into this being our new ‘normal’.

I’ve been jotting down notes of what I’ve been grateful for, been reminded of or just life lessons I hope to carry with me thanks to lockdown 2020.

Here’s just a list of 35 things (in no particular order):

1. Family is everything

2. We’d be lost without our posties

3. The NHS 👏

4. Appreciate the woods more

5. Listen out for the birds chirping 

6. Never take for granted those weekends away

7. Working from home has so many benefits 

8. Thank God for Woody

9. Try something new, you might be pretty good at it

10. Don’t moan about Monday mornings, you’re lucky you have a job to go to

11. Kiss your dog even more than you already do 

12. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is so rewarding

13. Less is more 

14. There’s SO much greenery everywhere at the moment

15. Love your local areas

16. The weather really helps, even the darkest of days

17.  The importance of technology

18. Minimal food waste as possible

19. Online shopping can be dangerous but we couldn’t be without it

20. Not going 100 miles an hour all the time is ok and actually really enjoyable 

21. My mom’s cooking really is the best 

22. Kids grow really fast, never take your time with them for granted

23. Animal Crossing saved me

24. Read more 

25. It’s made me rethink the word ‘essential’ and what is really essential to me

26. Never take for granted the importance of a hug and a kiss

27. Life is for living 

28. Walking is good for the soul

29. This too shall pass

30. Sometimes the rules aren’t meant to be broken

31. Life is very precious

32. Home is very comforting when you feel really uneasy

33. Wearing no make up feels amazing and it’s ok to leave the house without any on. Be more confident without it

34. Adventures will still be there, your health is THE most important thing

35. Don’t underestimate the ordinary times… like walks with friends or Tuesday night dinners around your parents house – that’s what you’ll miss the most when it’s taken away from you.

So as we enter a new phase of our lockdown here in the UK. I wanted to look back on what I’ve learned or been reminded of in this weird but sometimes wonderful time. In short it’s that we’re here on planet Earth shorter than we think, do what makes you happy (whatever that may be), don’t waste time doing things or being around people who don’t and appreciate those that do!

I hope I’ll never forget lockdown-me and what I’ve learnt, I think it’s the hardest but most powerful life lesson anyone of us will ever face. But for the sake of all of us, I hope it’s only a once in a time thing!!

Stay safe xo 


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