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Hello again!

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. There’s been a global pandemic, I’ve been pregnant and now we have a little 7-month-old baby who joined our pack in August 2021.

35 things lockdown has reminded/taught me

‘Lockdown’ and ‘unprecedented times’ are three words I won’t miss when all of this is over. Over the last few weeks, I learnt to look at life so differently. There’s been so many things I’ve hated about lockdown, but weirdly I’ve enjoyed a small part of it and have quite quickly fallen into this being our new ‘normal’.

Social distancing with a dog!

Being asked by the Government to ‘social distance’ is a first in many of our lifetimes. For most of us, cabin fever can quickly set in because our day-to-day lives revolve around routine.

Stix dog coats save the day!

I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for a dog coat which has a zip up the back. My search seemed to go on forever and a day and I was almost at the point of trying to make one myself because nothing I came across was quite right. Until I found Stix…

PitPat review

PitPat is a dog activity monitor. It enables you to track your dogs’ exercise, weight and fitness via their super user-friendly app with just a click of a button. We’ve been using it daily for several months now and I absolutely love it!

A real treat from Cynefin Retreats!

I booked a mini-break for Alex’s birthday and I just HAD to share this gem of a place with you. I stumbled across it when browsing Canopy & Stars one day and loved the look of the ‘luxe-pods’. We were not disappointed when we arrived on Friday night.


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